College Science Requirement

"Laboratory Science: 2 courses in one science"


Non-Psychology majors who wish to fulfill the College Science Requirement through Psychology are encouraged to take their lab courses during their early years at Barnard.

Enrollment in psychology laboratory courses is through the on-line Psychology Laboratory and Statistics Lottery held once per semester (in early April and early November for the following semesters' courses).  A student may not simply add a lab or stats recitation to her program during the program filing period. 

To satisfy the requirement a student has TWO OPTIONS: Take two topical lab courses concurrently with their corresponding lectures, chosen from two different groups (listed below); OR take PSYC BC1010 Introduction Laboratory in Experimental Psychology, with PSYC BC1001 Introduction to Psychology lecture (or its equivalent), followed by one lab/lecture combination from Group A, B, or C. *Please note that BC1010 must be your first psychology lab (this means, prior to a Group A/B/C lab); and a student must have completed or be concurrently enrolled in BC1001, or its equivalent. **Also note that a student with acceptable AP or IB credit is exempt from BC1001.

Group A 
PSYC BC1107 Psychology of Learning (BC1106 Psych of Learning Lab) 
PSYC BC1115 Cognitive Psychology (BC1114 Cog Lab)

Group B
PSYC BC1110 Perception (BC1109 Perception Lab) 
PSYC BC1119 Systems and Behavioral Neuroscience (BC1118 Systems Lab)

Group C
PSYC BC1125 Personality (BC1124 Personality Lab)
PSYC BC1138 Social Psychology (BC1137 Social Lab)
PSYC BC1129 Developmental Psychology (BC1128 Developmental Lab)

Note: You can take a course to satisfy a GED requirement (in this case, a psychology laboratory) for a P/F grade. This is a College rule, and not a Departmental one.


Laboratory Attendance Policy

Students should review their calendar of commitments and the laboratory attendance policy before requesting a seat in a lab. Each laboratory follows the same policy about attendance:

  • You must attend every Laboratory meeting, and you must be present for the duration of the meeting.
  • You may not arrive late.
  • You may not depart before you complete the day's procedure.
  • If you miss more than a single Laboratory session you will be dismissed from the Laboratory and you will not be permitted to remain enrolled.

Please contact the Department Administrator with any questions.