Psychology is the study of behavior and experience, from love to aggression, from the first babbling of infants to creativity, from sexuality to the physiology of taste. Faculty members in Psychology have a wide range of research interests, including social and cognitive development, memory, language, animal learning, social stereotyping, the self-concept, the resolution of conflict, and behavioral neuroscience.

Common to all areas of psychology is a concern with adequate and appropriate method of inquiry. The student will encounter many perspectives on psychological evidence and technique through lecture, laboratory, field courses, and other offerings.

Opportunities are available for supervised research, teaching, and field experience. Independent study and the Senior Research Seminar involve participation in research with a faculty member. The Toddler Center and a course in Field Work in Psychological Services provide first-hand contact with the study of psychology.

Non-majors may elect to fulfill the College Science Requirement with courses in Psychology.