FOUNDATIONS Psychology Major Checklistfor students entering Barnard starting in Fall 2016 (Use these forms to help plan and review your major coursework; submit to the Department Administrator during your final semester.) 

NINE WAYS Psychology Major Checklistfor students who entered prior to Fall 2016

Major Declaration Form
(To be signed by current adviser, and submitted to the Registrar)

Change of Major and/or Adviser Form
(Submit to the Departmental Representative for signature and then submit to the Registrar)

Transfer Credit Form 
(Submit to the Departmental Representative with supporting documents; once signed and returned to you, keep this copy for yourself.)

Psychology Independent Study Form
(Complete this form in consultation with the faculty mentor who has agreed to supervise your project; submit to the Departmental Representative, do not submit to the Registrar.)

Senior Thesis Proposal Form 
(Submit to the Departmental Representative during your second semester of your junior year.)

Senior Requirement Form 
(Both you and the professor must sign; submit to the Department Administrator during the semester you take the course.)

BC3473 Clinical Field Practicum Application 
(Submit to Marjorie Silverman and Julia Sheehy.) 

Experiment Information and Participation Receipt 
(for BC1001 Intro to Psych students; to be submitted to course professor by end of term)