History of Psychology Collection

The History of the Barnard Department of Psychology

Barnard College, a four-year women's college, was founded in 1889 and the first courses in psychology were offered in 1906 over the strenuous objections of many faculty and administrators who maintained that psychology was not a fitting topic for young women.  The following documents chronicle some of the major events during the tenure of Professor Harry L. Hollingworth (Founder of the Department and Chair, 1906-1946) and Professor Richard P. Youtz (Chair, 1946-1947).

Letter from Hollingworth to Youtz, describing the earliest courses (d. 12/18/50) correspondence1956.pdf

Letter from Hollingworth to Youtz (d. 02/16/49) correspondence1949.pdf

Obituary describing the life of Professor Hollingworth, presented at Barnard College Faculty Meeting in 1956 hollingworth.pdf

Obituary describing the life of Professor Youtzyoutz.pdf