College Science Requirement

The Department of Psychology offers the following courses that can be used towards fulfilling the College Science Requirement:

Introductory Laboratory Course

  • PSYC BC1010 Introductory Laboratory in Experimental Psychology

Group 1 Courses

  • PSYC BC2107 Psychology of Learning; BC2106 Psychology of Learning Lab
  • PSYC BC2115 Cognitive Psychology; BC2114 Cognitive Psychology Lab
  • PSYC BC2110 Perception; BC2109 Perception Lab
  • PSYC BC2119 Systems and Behavioral Neuroscience; BC2118 Systems/Behavioral Neuro Lab

Group 2 Courses

  • PSYC BC2125 Psychology of Personality; BC2124 Psychology of Personality Lab
  • PSYC BC2129 Developmental Psychology; BC2128 Developmental Psychology Lab
  • PSYC BC2138 Social Psychology; BC2137 Social Psychology Lab
  • PSYC BC2156 Clinical Psychology; BC2155 Clinical Lab


For students satisfying the Nine Ways of Knowing GED requirements:
There are TWO OPTIONS:
1.) take PSYC BC1010*, with PSYC BC1001 Introduction to Psychology lecture (or its equivalent), followed by one topical lab/lecture combination from Group 1 or 2 (listed above); OR
2.) take two topical lab courses concurrently with their corresponding lectures (listed above).
*NOTE: BC1010 is not required, however, if taken it must be completed prior to all other higher level PSYC labs; and a student must have completed or be concurrently enrolled in BC1001, or its equivalent.

For students satisfying Barnard's Foundations requirements:
Same as above, but only one laboratory course is required with the two lectures. Again, lectures must be from different groups.


  • Be aware that some laboratory courses are offered each semester, and some only once per year. 
  • You can take a course to satisfy a GED requirement (in this case, a psychology laboratory) for a P/D/F grade. This is a College rule, and not a Departmental one.
  • Psychology Laboratory Attendance Policy
    • You must attend every laboratory meeting. You are allowed only two excused absences.
    • You may not arrive late. You may not depart before you complete the day's procedure.
  • Refer to the College Catalogue for more information on Requirements for a Liberal Arts Degree.

Please contact the Department Administrator with any questions.