Psyched: The Barnard Psychology Society

The club is run by Barnard students under the faculty supervision of Professor Joshua New.


Psyched: The Barnard Psychology Society is the campus club dedicated to serving students with an interest in psychology regardless of their major. The mission of Psyched is to provide a social environment in which students are provided relevant information to connect them with psychology faculty at Barnard College, promote the understanding of psychology as a human science, and provide students information relevant to graduate school, career opportunities, and research opportunities at Barnard College. Most of the meetings include speakers on various topics of interest in psychology. Participating in Psyched is a great way to meet and talk with other people with the similar goals and interests. It is also an excellent source of information for anyone who is still deciding on a profession or plans to attend graduate school.

Past Events

  • Autism Expert Series, a week-long discussion on Autism
  • Screening of The Diving Bell and the Butterfly
  • The Inner World of Autism: A reading by Michelle Pierce Burns
  • Psychological Connections: A networking event An evening of conversations, connections, and activities with alumnae of the Department of Psychology.
  • Senior Psychology Majors Panel
  • Advanced movie screening of the psychological thriller 88 Minutes
  • Guest speaker Dean Sommo from NYU's School of Social Work
  • Graduate School Panel

Want to be on the e-mail list?  Please send your name and class-year to the Department Administrator.