Clinical Fieldwork

PSYC BC3473 Clinical Field Practicum

(This course was formerly "Fieldwork Course in Psychological Services and Counseling")

Offered in the spring semester.

Julia Sheehy, Ph.D. and Marjorie Silverman, Ph.D.

**If considering this course please contact the instructors early in the fall prior to the course.

Course Description:

This course introduces students to clinical and counseling work, and to psychodynamic ways of understanding and supporting people in psychological distress.  Students secure a clinical placement for the course, and apply readings on psychodynamic notions of parenting, psychopathology, and therapeutic process to their clinical experiences.  The course helps students clarify their professional goals, and provides the clinical experience that strengthens applications to social work programs, and that is required for applications to clinical and counseling doctoral programs.

Application Process:

Apply for the course by submitting an application to Professors Sheehy and Silverman (

Secure a placement for the course. Use the list of placements below as a guide in your search; some of the listed placements may no longer have openings, and you may contact sites not currently on the list.  Finding a suitable placement requires time and perseverance, contact the instructors at any point for guidance.

Arrange to work at least seven hours per week at your placement, and to begin there no later than the first class.  Find an on-site supervisor who has professional training, preferably in an area you might be interested in pursuing. The supervisor must commit to supervise you once per week and to write a brief final evaluation.

Contact the instructors for approval. Your place in the course is not final until your application and placement have both been approved. 

Sign and have your on-site supervisor sign the attached contract. Make three copies - one for your supervisor, one for Professors Sheehy and Silverman, and one for yourself. 

See below for examples of previous field placement sites that to the best of our knowledge remain current options.



NOTE: This list was last updated in Fall 2018. These are placement sites that had opportunities available at that time. Please follow up with the contacts listed under the site of interest in order to inquire as to whether positions are still available.