Senior Requirement Courses

A student must fulfill the Senior Requirement by completing one of the following courses during her final two semesters at Barnard:

(a) BC3601-3608 Independent Study (4 points, one semester commitment);

(b) BC 3591x, 3592y Senior Research Seminar (8 points total; two semester commitment); or

(c) any other 3000-level PSYC seminar (3 or 4 points, one semester commitment).

Important Notes:

  • A Barnard Psych Major may elect to fulfill her Senior Requirement with a Columbia University Psychology Department seminar with advisor approval. 
  • A student must complete a Senior Requirement Declaration Form, available from the Department Administrator, during the semester she is enrolled in the course she is using to fulfill this requirement. This form requires both the student's and the instructor's signatures. 
  • If enrolling in a seminar to complete the Senior Requirement, a student must receive a passing grade (a C- or better) for the course, as well as a passing grade ("Pass" or "Pass with Distinction") for her final paper or project. Completing the course, but failing to complete and pass the final written assignment will prevent a student from graduating.