Headshot of Alexandra Horowitz


On September 20, Alexandra Horowitz, Senior Research Fellow and Adjunct Associate Professor, published her new book, “The Year of the Puppy: How Dogs Became Themselves,” which explores the under-research area of early canine development. 

Her work analyzes dog cognition and daily behavior through the lens of her family puppy, Quiddity (Quid). Horowitz charts Quid’s growth from birth to her first birthday, documenting the social and cognitive milestones that many researchers and dog owners miss in their puppies’ lives. By keeping the book’s focus on the puppy’s point of view, The Year of the Puppy gives readers an insight into how puppies begin to make sense of the world and develop individual personalities. Horowitz’s week-by-week analysis of her dog highlights the nuances in canine development that are missed when dog owners emphasize obedience and training. Additionally, her detailed analysis draws on research in the fields of dog and human development to compare and contrast a dog’s first year to a human’s.